6 comments on “Art Journaling with a Potty Mouth

  1. Oh all my words are in my art. It’s in there in layers. There are some “F-bombs” in there and a whole lot more. My rage comes out in my art. I know it’s there. It’s all a part of me. It’s under layers of paint and paper, epherma, and matte medium. It is my journal it is for me. I’ve gotta express myself! It is a part of unifying myself.

    • One of your recent pages just evoked such emotion for me. I’m not sure how you were feeling when you made it, but rage and fury really hit me. I guess it doesn’t matter how the artist feels about their work, it’s how the viewer perceives it that matters. I am throwing myself into my journal from here on out!

  2. I used to cuss like a trucker until my kiddo was born. After he said “bitches!” around 9 months old, I figured I better use less curse words! =) Maybe I’ll have to let some of that out in my art journal.

    • I do my best to not cuss around him and usually do a pretty good job, but it’s my mom who’s made him say the most cuss words. She has TERRIBLE road rage and my son had taken his shoes off (around 2 when they never want shoes on) in the car and she said, “Oh, for fuck’s sake” and he repeated that approximately 40 times. I guess the newness wore off for him since he hasn’t said it since.

      I did say “fuck’ the other day because I had just cleaned the carpets and furniture and not 3 hours later, the dog peed all over the furniture. My son asked my wife (he’s now almost 5), “Why did daddy say ‘fuck’?” Oopsy. I need to release more of my frustration in my art journal, too, so it doesn’t come out at home!

      • LOL!! My little boy pronounces frog as “fuck”. He also called birds “beer” forever and horses “whores”. Made for some awkward “haha that IS a bird and horse” moments in public.

      • hahahahaha! I love kids! My son called a fire truck a “fire fuck” for the longest time! I am really good about not cussing in front of him, but my sister, our best friend, and my mother in law are just AWFUL. We were camping and my mother in law couldn’t stop cussing and we called her out on it and she said, “What? All I said was ‘shit’.” We told her we’d rather our 4 year old not teach that to his friends at school. Oy.

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