6 comments on “ABC’s Art Journaling Video: “C”

  1. Thank you Aaron, I love watching your videos, I especially love the things you use for stencils. I got a bit concerned when you sprayed all that black on the page, but like you say if you don’t go with the ‘what ifs’ you never know. 🙂
    Big love

    • Thank you! That’s high praise from AJ! I adore your work as well! I’m never afraid to try something new and if I hate it, it’s all part of the process. I hate my “C” page, but love the tissue paper technique! That’s what art journaling’s all about!

  2. I’ve see clear gesso, but never really could figure out a use for it so I never bothered with it. Thank you for sharing how you use it, it has sparked a couple of new ideas.

    • Clear gesso is awesome! It seals anything beneath it while giving you a brand new slate to work on! You can cover up anything (such as a Mod Podged surface which is non-porous) and give it a more workable surface. I adore clear gesso! It also feels like canvas when it’s dry!

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