3 comments on “ABC Art Journal Series-I “Incorporate photos of yourself.”

  1. Hi Aaron, love your videos.
    A question for you… When you use dylusions ink sprays how do you stop them smudging when you Mod Podge them after spraying? Do you gesso the pages before you start your page?

    • Thank you so much!

      Well, whenever you work with water-soluble or water-reactive products (such as Distress Inks, Dylusions, Gelatos, Watercolors, etc.) you have to be mindful what you put on top of them. I have had luck by putting mod-podge on the back of the item I’m sticking down and just putting it where I want it. It doesn’t seal it perfectly to the page, but does prevent the colors from moving. You can also spray a fixative on top of the colors, but keep in mind that even the mist from a fixative will move and change the colors ever so slightly. Long story short, I just mod podge the back of the item I’m sticking to the paper and leave the rest exposed and take my chances that one day it may lift up. You could use clear gesso over the top, but it too will move the colors.

      Hope that helps.

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