10 comments on “ABC Art Journal Series-J “Just do it.”

  1. Oh, please do NOT stop making your art or videos – just ‘found’ you! I have not even made one art journal page yet bet am heading that way. Your down to earth videos are encouraging. Thank you.

    • I’ve determined that I’ve got a big enough group of Imps that we can overcome any negativity together! I’m here to STAY! Thanks for the encouragement! I suggest you get going on art journaling! It’s soooooo freeing! Hugs, Aaron

  2. Aaron, Please don’t stop making your videos. I really enjoy them. I like to watch you work because you show how you change your mind… Like how her skirt was striped at first. I work like that too. It helps to know others do the same. My last page I repainted some of the flowers 3 times before I liked them. You are real… it’s nice to see and hear.

    • I’m not going anywhere with Imps like you who take the time to help boost my self-esteem! You rock! I have to learn myself that mistakes are a part of the process. It’s how you overcome them! HUGS, Aaron

  3. Hey Aaron, I enjoyed watching the pages come to life. Cool collage pieces! Reminds me that I have a big-ass magazine called Ocean Drive, which still needs some scissor labor.

    Anyway, I already knew about your awesomesauce videos on YouTube, and now that I’m minty fresh on WordPress, I’ll follow this blog as well. I’m joining a gang of Imps! Yay, HOUSE PARTY! lol.

    But on a serious notion, ten minutes into the video when you were talking about self-doubt, I started nodding my head, like “yeah, I see what you mean.” Good thing you’ve made it this far, though; otherwise some people would miss out on being inspired by your imperfect impulses (which is a very catchy name, BTW).

    Looking forward to see watcha gonna do with the “K” page(s)! n__n


    • Thanks, Chrissy!

      I have started putting the self-doubt on the back burner thanks to a bunch of my fabulous Imps who keep me encouraged and motivated (such as yourself)! I tend to believe that whatever you think is, so if you think you are an artist, you are. I have a hard time calling myself an “artist”, though. I’m working on it. Baby steps!

      If we had a house party fully of Imps, there would be some crazy awesome fun happening! Paint, ink, and all sorts of things would be flying all over the place!

      Thanks again for the encouragement!

      Hugs, Aaron

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