4 comments on “Pinterest Amnesia aka “Pamnesia”

  1. So true! I have found myself doing just this! There is so much to see on Pintrest! So many amazing projects and ideas to be had! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, you are not alone! Haha, feel free to add me if you haven’t already. I’m jellybeanerz

  2. I used to not go back to boards very often, but since I’ve started art journaling I have done it more and found it so helpful! I do pins tons of things about art journaling because I have a lot to learn (I primarily create one of a kind pieces of jewelry using antique, vintage and modern supplies). I’ve watched some of the instructional videos several times to get the hang of technique, especially layering of various items. My “Ways to Write” board gets quite a bit of my attention as well, since I want to include more than my own few styles of writing into my journals. I sit with scratch papers in front of the computer and write what I want to put on my page in pencil, then take it to my work table and use my example to get it close to what I want. I try to put my own spin on it, my own creative touch so that it is coming from within, too. I think you’ll find it very helpful to go back to those old pins. Peace to your heart

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