16 comments on “To be or not to be…Acid Free.

  1. I agree with you. Could not care less if my stuff is acid free. Millions of painting were painted before we knew what acid and acid free were. They are still around.

  2. Nope, I don’t care…I feel exactly as you do about that subject. It amazes me how many do look for the acid-free stuff..wow. why waste good time and money on that?

  3. Not especially — at first I did because I “wanted to do it right”. Then I realized that I was placing restraints on myself for an activity that was supposed to free me to be creative, not weigh me down with more rules.

  4. I agree. Most of the things last anyway without any fancy stuff. I have collages that are 15 years old, I never used any varnish on them and they are fine. So I am all about creating and not thinking about anything too much 😀

    • The creativity is more important to me than the product is sometimes. Sure, I don’t want it crumbling off the canvas in 10 years, but I highly doubt that’s likely. As you’ve stated, there are things I have that were made with crayola and cheap paper that have still held up over the years. Ain’t nobody got time to sweat the small stuff!

  5. I’ve traveled down that very same road and have come to the same place as you too. I’m not a material girl (although my scrapbook room says otherwise) – so I’ve completely embraced the idea of my art falling apart and being temporary. I like the idea that is it fleeting – just like me. 🙂

  6. in my scrap booking or art the product I worry about acid free is the tape or glue attached to the photo I have seen how old tape ruines photos but otherwise everthing goes

    • You know, in art journaling it’s the “ruined” photos that really have a ton of age and character! I started buying acid-free ATG tape, but I decided to forget it and just have fun!

  7. It used to be a big deal to me to make sure that everything I used was acid free, but it occurred to me one day that I was cheating my creative process by prohibiting certain media and/or inspirations because they weren’t “acid free”. And, like you, I figure who’s gonna give a rat’s a$$ in a hundred years anyway? My art is my release, and I share in it with people now, and quite frankly, that’s good enough for me.

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