7 comments on “Summer YouTube Blog Hop!

  1. Haha, I was one of the ones who made it to the very end! I pray your not melted by the end of summer!! I went to Vegas in October so it wasn’t that hot. Least not 115 unless you were on the tarmac. Whew. I don’t like heat either. Up over 70 and I’m getting grumpy. I live out here in WA on the water. Plus Im Alaskan Native. Great video! Yeah, I wish my journal pages were “hot” like yours! Stay cool, one of your faithful subscribers! Bean

    • I’m so jealous! My wife and i have talked about moving to 3 places: Canada, Oregon, or Washington. I, personally, want either Seattle or Montreal, but it’s a big move for us and my job doesn’t really lend itself to quickly moving, so it would have to be really planned.

      Thank you so much for watching and commenting! Don’t tell the other Imps, but you’re on of my favorites!

      Hugs, Aaron

  2. I strongly dislike summer, too. I’m currently experiencing my first summer in Saudi Arabia and I’m pretty sure I’m going to melt before the summer even ends.

  3. Hi Aaron , I have just become an imp and love watching your videos. I am an art journaler and enjoy watching others work. Love your hot sun page as I live in New Zealand and we are in the middle of our winter. At the moment we are having a storm with rain wind and cold. I live in Auckland which does not get very cold and does not snow .We have just had a hot summer so the change in weather is a bit welcome. Thank you for sharing your work. Cheers meryle

    • I’m so glad to have you here, Meryle! It’s crazy to me that I have met so many people from all around the world thanks to my blogging/YouTube endeavors! I love getting to know all of the different types of people from all around the world! It’s my favorite part of this whole crazy imperfect impulse I had to start a blog/YouTube channel! Stay warm with lots of red/orange paint! HUGS, Aaron

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