25 comments on “I don’t think you’re ready for this Gelli…plate.

  1. I don’t understand their popularity either. I’ve not been wowed by anything made with them. But like you, I’ve seen them being used all over the crafty net. However, people seem to be having fun playing with them and that’s a great reason to buy and use. If you think you’d have fun giving them a try, I’d say give it a go but if you think it wouldn’t add anything to your creative growth, don’t bother. Definitely don’t buy them just because everyone else has. You don’t strike me as a guy who follows the crowd 🙂 That’s why I love what you do and your Pinterest boards are brilliant to follow. 🙂 Pxx

    • Oh I am definitely not a crowd-following type of guy! I may make one just to play with it but I don’t know. I guess the prints aren’t really my style. Maybe that’s what my issue is!

  2. I really like my Gelli plate. It’s my first expensive investment since I bought my Big Shot 2 years ago. Paint it cheap. For me the gelli plate a way to let go and try stuff I might not try. It’s helped me to look at found objects in a different way.

    Here are links to a few of my finished projects I was very happy with:




  3. Nah. I’ve seen some results on pages that were rather eye-catching, but for me, personally, I can achieve similar results by using common household items without having to buy the Gelli plate which, really, just becomes another thing I’d have to store. 🙂

  4. Yep, Paul and Amy, my sentiments exactly! Again Aaron, I am with you on this. I have not had the urge to buy the gelli thing, and as Amy says, one can achieve much the same effect with other – cheaper – implements. And yes, you make a huge stack of papers…to be used where? How much fodder does one need to store for just that right project?
    Ahhhhhh….so much to do, so little time.
    Thanks Aaron for giving us much inspiration.

    • Isn’t that the truth? The whole idea behind art journaling for me is to use stuff up and recycle a la Jennibellie, not to create buckets of stuff to recycle. You’re not recycling if you’re using stuff that you made simply for that purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t use recycled things on every page but it still seems kind of crazy to have all that stuff lying about.

  5. I LOVE mine and use it often. However, I stick with only two or three colors on the plate, and use the whole sheet as a background rather than using them for collage. I just can’t get in to using it as collage – too much going on in each piece. Like this one I used it as a background: http://truecolorblog.com/2013/05/09/rebel-yell/ This might be my favorite use (stitched onto blank cards): http://truecolorblog.com/2013/05/30/a-gelli-plate-print-tutorial-sewn-cards/

  6. Okay, first of all….thanks a lot. Now I’m going to have that song and Beyonce’s jiggling ass in my head all day and night…. lol Second, I agree. I haven’t been too thrilled with what I’ve seen either and really have no desire to buy one. I’m not sure what it is, but I just don’t like what I see. The only person who’s art has tempted me whatsoever to consider one is Julie Fei-Fan Balzer…now she does some amazing Gelli prints. But, I don’t hold a candle to her artistic greatness so I know I couldn’t do what she does. lol I do think it would be fun to play with, smear paint one and such, but I don’t know if I’d use what I ended up with in the end. I have a friend who has one, so I’ll just play with hers if I feel the need. lol

  7. I am totally with you Aaron, I have yet to see anything come off of anyone’s gelli plate that pleased my eye! I really don’t like the look of the finished pieces n therefor would have zero use for the prints! However with that being said to each his own n if people are having fun doing it n that’s what it’s all about then more power to them n for those that want to have the fun without the high price tag u should check out jennibellie YouTube channel cuz she has a tutorial on how to make ur own gelli plate nice n cheap! Personally I probably won’t be bothering with it anytime soon! Lol

  8. Hi Aaron! I haven’t bought one, simply because I can’t quite stomach paying so much for something I can make myself. I followed a tutorial on youtube to make my own – for just a few bucks, and love that it’s given me the chance to play with the technique without spending a ton of money. I started out making really layered designs with lots of colors – some of which I liked, some of which were, quite frankly, a hot mess. 🙂 Now I tend to stick to just a couple of colors, and I’m much happier with the results, and find them a bit more to my own style. I’ve got a post on my blog about it, and have a bunch of samples up that I did with mine.

  9. I got caught up in all the hype and there began my search, high and low after viewing some videos on YouTube! Well, many months later I finally ordered one from Donna Downey’s website… Then – I used it once!!! And it’s been sitting on the shelf since; I look at it from time, to time but just couldn’t be bothered! It is fun and I might give it a go, but I wasted SO much paper and I have yet to do something with them still! I’d suggest if you want to try it, there are channels like Jennibellie that gives a great alternative 🙂

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