7 comments on “5 Minute Art Journal Page: “I am an artist.”

    • Thank you so much, Connie! That’s part of the reason I want to limit some of my pages to 5 minutes. Not every page has to have 1.5 or more hours worth of work put into it to look great. Hope you try it out! -Aaron

    • Thanks, Di! Sometimes less is more, even though I usually feel that enough is never enough! Bigger is almost always better! And if some is good then more is better! I have the mentality (and boots) of a drag queen. -Aaron

  1. I love this composition so much! I know exactly what you mean about being heavy handed (later post), and I could probably benefit from this too…but I’m not quite sure I could ever be satisfied with the results. This might be something I’d have to start a new journal for, like in a small moleskine.
    (Long time lurker)

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