5 comments on “Heavy Metal…Bowtie?!

  1. Very nice Aaron. I’m impressed! Your bowtie came out super cute. I’m such a dork. When I read the name of your post, at first I thougt it said “Heavy Metal Bowie”. I was thinking yes!! David Bowie. Love me some Bowie. Then I just chalked it up to being a red head. LOL. I bet everyone loved your bowtie. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.
    “Lets dance, put on your red shoes and dance with me” -David Bowie. 🙂

  2. I’ve never gotten into Bowie (not that I don’t like him, I’ve just never listened to him) except for the Labyrinth! My GaGa loves him, though, so I better go check him out! Thanks, Jenny! People really do like it and it coordinates nicely with my braces! hahaha! -Aaron

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