6 comments on “5 Minute Art Journal Page: “I don’t even follow my own rules.”

  1. The drywall tape “stencil” is brilliant! 5 minutes would be a hard rule to stick to. I sometimes take that long to find the materials I want to use. But it is tempting to just see what I could do with a limit like that.

    • It is pretty impossible but I use it as 5 minutes of creating time. I cut out finding supplies and drying time. Each page is between 15-20 minutes total. The 5 minutes of creation is still really restricting! Give it a shot!

  2. Aaron, I am a total fail at following rules. In fact, I often do whatever I am being told NOT to do – just to see what happens. I am too old (59) to waste any time following stupid, useless rules. So far the earth is still in its proper orbit, the sun still shines and gravity still works. So I say Go! Rule Breakers Go!
    We should have a club or something. And a motto, and a whole long list of rules so we can happily break them whenever we want.
    OK, I fell off the planet there for a moment. What I really wanted to say was I appreciate your work, and if breaking rules gets you there, more power to ya! And me.
    Cindy P @Swirlygrammy

    • Cindy, I adore you more now than ever! I would gladly join a ruleless club, but the very fact that there are no rules would make me want to follow the rules just to go against the grain. But if you follow the rules of a ruleless club does that mean that you are in fact following the rules that there are no rules? My brain hurts.

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