6 comments on “5 Minute Art Journal Page: “You won’t know…”

  1. Just watched your glue stick trick. What an amazing idea, can’t wait to try it. In bed at the moment but will be up early to get the glue sticks out. Thanks heaps. Loved the page too.

    • Thanks, Meryle! It was something that I played with a few months ago on a card and ended up forgetting about it until last week! Then I realized how cool it was all over again! Hope you get some awesome results!

  2. Hi Aaron, re your lady ga ga admiration. I thought of you the other day when I was in our local bookshop looking for books I could use for collage. I found a lady ga ga sticker book! It had paper dolls of lady ga ga in various styles of lovely underwear with stickers of some of her outfits to dress her in. It was hilarious as it was fairly clumsily done but you could readily recognise it as lady ga ga. I bought it and am having amazing fun with it in my art journal. I love her too.

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