16 comments on “ABC Art Journal Series-O “Oh, sh!t…”

  1. Loved the video/technique with paper towel and spray ink, masking tape also. glad your Throat healed up so you could sing for us!

  2. Great video…I’ve never seen this technique with the paper towel before. Looks good.

    Also loved the entertainment in the middle.

    — Connie

  3. O = O-M-G That was so awesome!! You are such a riot! I loved the cup song. Never heard that one before! Loved the pages too BTW. Haha. Still feeling like the surface of the sun huh? Pooper. I am heading to Lake Tahoe next week!! First time visiting there, new adventure! Full time student here too. B.A. in Business Admin. I don’t do videos – period. LOL. Thanks for the great time!

    • Thanks, Christine! I’m a full-time student, full-time worker bee, full-time father, and full-time dork! I wouldn’t change any of it! I’m working for my BA in Sociology. I should be done next year! WOOT! We’re slightly overcast today so it’s in the high 90’s with humidity. Could be worse! I’m heading to Tahoe next month. I can’t wait! Haven’t been there since I was a kid! Thanks for watching and commenting! It means the world to me!

  4. Hi Aaron, at the start of your page I couldn’t believe that you could make a page out of a bit of manky tissue rolled into a ball, however you did and it was amazing. As was your gorgeous performance with the coffee cup which cheered me up on a crappy morning. Thanks heaps. Cheers meryle

  5. Ok, Aaron, you know how I feel about people singing! Yay for you! But you never said you have a good voice! Double Yay for you! That was so fun. As a retired general music teacher in elementary school, my aim was always to have the students leave their time with me willing and able to sing for fun at the drop of a hat. You have made my day!!!

    Cindy P
    from the old pueblo

    • Cindy, I wish I hadn’t sung the whole song in such a high key! I told you that I loooove singing! I am singing morning to night! It’s improved over the years! Thank you so much for the encouragement! Hugs, Aaron

  6. I’m new to your blog and your videos. You always brighten my day and bring a smile to my face. I loved your Cup song. You did so good.

    Big Waves from Texas,  annette richmond


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