6 comments on “ABC Art Journal Series-P “Play”

  1. Love the playing! Can you tell me what the circle tape is called or if you remember what the brand was (maybe it’s written on the cardboard tube inside the roll)? I haven’t been able to find it and it looks fun to play with!

      • Awesome, thanks! I’ve looked at several different places and haven’t found it but I hadn’t made my way to Lowe’s yet. The guy at Home Depot thought I was nuts.

        Him: Do you have joint compound?
        Me: Nope. I’m using it for arts ‘n crafts.
        Him: …………. what… kind…. of arts and crafts?
        Me: Oh, you know… put it down, paint over it, glue some crap on…
        Him: …………………..
        Me: I can see you don’t have it. Thanks for your help!

        Looks like Lowe’s is open ’till 10 and I get out of school at 9 tonight. Easy Joint Tape here I come!

        Also- I’m nosy. What are you going to school for? I’m halfway through my Masters in Social Work. They talk a lot about “self care” cause it’s hard being a social worker/therapist and in the few weeks since I’ve started my art journal I’ve felt a lot less stressed. So basically you helped me be more calm so I can think more clearly which is already translating into a better quality of work in my current job as a Recovery Coordinator for people with serious mental illness. Look at the fantastic trickle down effect you’re having all the way over here in Massachusetts. BAM!

  2. That’s wonderful! Art journaling definitely helps me unwind. I’m a lot less frazzled and tense when I get some artsy time, that’s for sure! I’m trying to finish up my BA in Sociology after 6 years off after the birth of my son. I have my AA in general studies, just so I could say I got a degree after 5 years of college (oy) but now I’m serious about finishing. Only about a year left! Congrats on almost getting your masters! That’s some serious dedication. I’m not sure that would be worth it for me. The government doesn’t really care about anything past a bachelor’s. 😐

    Did you go get that tape and drywall compound? I have paper bag floors in my craft room and when I went to the hardware store to ask for Varathane, they asked me what I was doing and I told them I was collaging craft paper onto our subfloor and she looked at me like I said I was going to murder kittens by drowning them in an energy drink/vodka bevarge. :\

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