16 comments on “So…what’ya want from me?

  1. Whatever you have time to do! It’s all inspiring and entertaining! Probably not much help there, huh? Lol!

  2. I want it all! I just got my 10 year old daughter into art journaling and showed her your page for C from your series so that she can see that she may not like every pages she makes, but she should still try and get it in her book.

    • That’s wonderful! I still, to this day, hate that page. If it were my private art journal, I’d probably go back and do something with it, but I really kind of like that I don’t like it because it’s a good way of remembering what I did (and there were some fun techniques) on that page. I’m glad you’re getting your daughter involved! Art journaling is such a wonderful outlet!

  3. I’m just going to go with I want it all. Maybe because I have a really hard time making decisions…But mostly because I feel like you might feel more obligated and less inspired if you try to lump yourself into one category.

  4. Ok. I, too, want it all. Again, no help here. The most important part to me is the way you talk about what you do. I enjoy your sidelines as well. You have a wonderful sense of humor! Still, you talking me (us) through your thought processes really inspires.😄

  5. Everyone always wants it all, but be careful not to burn yourself out. Just keep letting your light shine and I’ll be totally happy! And good luck with school.

  6. I would have said all, but I don’t really use prompts and I couldn’t choose more than one LOL so I just chose my fav… your vids : ) I mean after all, no videos = no cup song : ))

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