14 comments on “ABC Art Journal Series-S “Spray, Stencil, Stamp, Stick, Start”

  1. Oh Aaron, love this….. I had as much fun watching this as It seems you had making it. Thank so much. Good luck at school this fall.
    Hugs, Camille

  2. Love the pages. You seem so fearless when you add each technique/stencil/color. Wish I had that. The colors are right up my alley! Love the use of toys. Gotta get to that dollar store!

    • Thanks, Chris! You know what makes me fearless about color? Gesso. I can always cover it up! Without gesso, I’d be a lot more timid, but I figure I can always fix stuff no matter how messed up it is! Thanks for watching! -Aaron

    • When I started crafting as a child, I made a ton of things out of plastic canvas. It was one of my favorite crafts, so it’s nice that it’s followed me through to art journaling! Thanks for watching, Yolanda! -Aaron

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