12 comments on “ABC Art Journal Series-U “Use collage…a lot”

  1. If your vids were 30 minutes I would be offended… with the cutting, banter, and silliness… oh yeah and the art. I look forward to each and every one.

    As for paint-by-numbers journaling (Smash Journals), I’m happy that the timid and damaged-by-criticism have an opportunity to create that feels safe. As for sexist musings… it’s strange that men get praised for their insecurities and women get criticized 😉

  2. I saw your videos over at the art journaling ning group. Yay! Another art journaling person to watch. 😀 I enjoyed your videos…thanks!!!

  3. Ramble, fussy cut, banter with your wife, be silly to your hearts content…..love it all! As for this page…..over the top in love with it…..jut sayin’. Love the magazine image…..I want one. No really…..I want one! I’d love to see your wife’s Smash Books! I use to do allot of them too and love the whole sticker/embellishment/layer/journal/colored pen feel of them. Lesser art form?! Pfft! LOL

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