10 comments on “ABC Art Journal Series-V “Vision: Follow Yours”

  1. ‘lol’d at your comments about Tim’s names for his products! I’d never thought of that before and it’s soooo freakin’ true! I too love his products though. Anyway, I have three rolls of his tissue ‘wrap’ and am in love with it! I love your page by the way……(as I just ramble on). Fantastic color combo! Never would have thought to put those three colors together. I noticed your previous two pages had stuck together……a little tip for you. Get a big make-up brush and some corn starch and lightly dust your pages, AFTER they’re COMPLETELY dry ;). You’ll find they’ll no longer stick together.

  2. Love the colors with this one so I wrote myself a note to try them. I’m laughing because I wrote: Liquitex grape jelly, creamy teal, copper, and evil magic green. Obviously my studio isn’t in the same room as my computer but I won’t forget which colors to use! Can’t wait to try thin out!

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