12 comments on “Jenn’s Smash Book

  1. HI Aaron, l am coming to Las Vegas next month for a holiday. Can you recommend the art/craft shop with the biggest variety of supplies. I am coming from Australia so can’t bring too much with me. I am very envious when l see the different products available through your blog’s and YouTube. My Google search has found several shops, some independent, other like Michael’s,s have a number of stores. I am hoping to journal my travels a page a day (or 2) in a journal l have made.

    MAny thanks in advance, best wishes for school and work and family and blogging etc


    Sent from Samsung tabletImperfect Impulses with Aar

    • Hi, Christine!

      Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Aaron Brothers, and Joann are all the big box stores in town. If you’re looking for stamps, we have a HUGE stamp store called Viva Las Vegastamps (they’re online, too). We have a cute little scrapbooking store called Scrappin’ Time near the airport, too. I used to work at that store and they have some cute stuff!

      Enjoy your trip!

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