4 comments on “Failed(ish) experiment…

  1. Too many times! I would try tweeking the process sounds like it would be worth it. Just like any experiment change one thing at a time.

  2. Mostly with colors. Especially with color mixing. I think this and that will do what I want and BLEH anything but. Color wheels and theory are not the brain-dead cure-all everyone touts. My solutions? Stick with colors that I know work together out of the tube. Or try to make ugly colors! Grunge and goth anyone?

  3. I hate it when my ambition is thwarted by my ability. Keep on playing and learning, 1 day this “fail ” might be just the look you want.
    Also, maybe you can solve a problem l am having with my art journal. I use gel or Matt medium a lot. I leave the book open for a few days to drybefore closing it. The next time l open it pages are stuck together . They usually can be teased apart but it does damage the pages. I have tried brushing with corn starch with minimal affect. Hope you can assist, thanks.

    • I’d recommend a spray matte sealer, such as Krylon. It will not only remove the tackiness from shiny products such as mediums and paints, but should also remove the stickiness and seal your art. Sometimes it is unavoidable, however and, for whatever reason, the pages will stick no matter what you do. Slip piece of wax paper in between the two to protect them. Not the most attractive option, but it’ll work.

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