4 comments on “Art Journal Page-Imperfection is a Form of Freedom

  1. Great page, love the colours. And you are so right about the desire to have perfection. I tried and now I just do it for fun. Woot!

  2. I love your work…I love how you experiment…I am a imperfect impulsive proponent in all aspects of my life as well…otherwise known as a mucky puppy although I am a cat lover…and yes I ramble…but…I show your work to all, your words to those who need to here that play and experiment and mess are the way to grow and expand those horizons artistically and often personally…so thank you very much for all of your hard work in sharing your passion with THE COMMUNITY…xxx

  3. I like how you blended/shadowed the gel stick into the orangey color; sorta gives it a tye dye appearance, which appeals to me. Currently learning about supplies and such, being a newbie and all. Also attempting to step outside of the box and be more brave and accepting of my imperfect art journal pages. Thanks for the tips.

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