4 comments on “DIY Permanent Spray Inks!!!

  1. I love the idea of adding the matte medium to lessen the water-reactiveness (don’t know if that’s a word!). I think I’ll try it with a few of my Dylusions colors. Thanks for sharing this.
    — Connie

  2. Disclaimer not necessary but really funny! I’ve heard a few of these recipes but this one makes the most sense. Can’t wait to try it out with Tea Dye and a good gray.

  3. P.S. those people who are judging you need to go… do something unpleasant to themselves and wake-up to the fact that they’re just like everyone else… no matter how little money they make, or what shit job they do, or that their children are just plain old average.

    Amazing how this judging thing comes around and bites all of us in the ass.

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