5 comments on “Product Showdown! Distress Ink vs. Mix’d Media INX

  1. I have to say I favor the distress inks, mainly I think because they are a quieter blend, if you know what I mean. But the Slazar (spell?) inks come on with COLOR! and have their own yummy territory. Another item on the dreaded ‘have to buy’ list. Damn.

  2. I’m leery of pigment stamp pads. ColorBox has always made the best ones but they just don’t work on very many types of paper, sometimes not drying at all, and rarely on anything else. If you only work on standard types of paper then I’m sure this is not a problem. I do take the mixed media slogan seriously, so does INX truly differ from the rest of the ColorBox pigment pads?

    A note, you can get rich deep colors with Distress ink pads… just go direct to paper. Do this dry or lightly mist the paper first. Tim Holtz has some great techniques that aren’t the airy misty effect of the blending tool. I know, I know, you picked something to demo, but it needed saying.

    I love these sorts of demos. When I buy something new this is exactly what I do! Thanks.

    • I’ve had the same issue. Don’t even get me started on Versafine…that stuff can take a week to dry! When I get impatient, I usually just seal it with a spray fixative or use embossing powders, which works wonders with the DS Mix’d Media Inx.

      I will ALWAYS love my Distress Inks. I own every single one and will always use them, but I like them for different looks than what I can get with the INX. It’s fun to have choices! hahahaha!


  3. the mixed media ink appears to be a lot like the a muse studio inks. i don’t know if you tried those but i think i would like to compare and contrast those two. AMS has really juicy inks…and they are embossable. so i was wondering if these are the embossing type of ink??? i think that it really depends on my project…i don’t like journals where each page looks basically the same. i like to mix it up a bit.

    thanks for doing this. i like the comparison. i am having trouble finding the a great white pen. have you ever compared those…water vs, oil vs. ink vs. paint, etc.???

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