7 comments on “Art Journal Page-Je rêve de Paris

  1. I was in love with the idea of Paris too. We went on a transatlantic cruise that ended in barcelona after going to islands and Portugal. I ended up booking a nite train to Paris for 3 days there and the Museum D’orsay was one of my fave things. And the bread which I normally don’t eat was so divine I quiver to remember. Walking teh streets and the atmosphere was great too but you must know some of the language. I had five years of french ( many years ago) and it came back to me but Hubby did not and so it was not as easy. Beware, do NOT go over there during School Holiday time. The airport is so busy upon leaving that we got there 2 !/2 hours early and missed our flight. That was an expensive add on!

  2. Love the whole look of this page. What I love about all your journal pages is how you pick up something that has been sitting around on your desk for forever, and then you make it work (the fleur sticker). I am always overjoyed when I can use a “found item” in my art.

  3. I believe this one is one of your best works! The colors are stunning and your accents are right on. Thank you for sharing this.

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