11 comments on “Art Journal Flip as of August, 2014

  1. I would love to see more of the utee process. Almost all of your work is very appealing to me but I especially like what you did for the 100 th JoM for France Papillon.

  2. Ack, my laundry went off exactly when yours did. I thought it was mine. Too weird. Love the butterfly, I would have picked it up also. I like most of your art and too many of them are favorites, but I like the one with the orange in it even though you are not happy with it. I know this is going to sound weird but I like the abstract page also. I guess because I’m into blue, which a lot of your pages are. Needs words though. Not a lot just a few. Abstract is a form of visual language according to the PTB. Hate to say this, PTB, other than colour pleasing it mostly speaks duh to me.
    Love your work Aaron. Love your tubes, they give me a boost.

  3. Loved the flip through so many wonderful pages, I think I like the France Papilion page the best. Always wonderful to watch you work again you are the one who gave me courage to try journaling.


  4. Ha! Must be laundry day. Mine went off too! Love the purple one with the feather I think and a flower bloom. I’ll have to watch again. Love your work. Very inspiring! I like it all. I’m new to art journals this year and am loving every thing about them. Love color. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  5. Monday was laundry day… and it’s now Wednesday! Might be Friday before the buzzers go off.

    Love the idea of a flip as vid preview. Now I have specific things to look forward to!

    I’d love to see your take on a junk journal — selecting papers, recycled stuff, solving the surface issues, what works and what doesn’t it. I’ve been thinking about a cereal box journal.

  6. I know what it is like to be a student and not having my free creative time. You are not only busy
    with school, you have a family! So, take you time, and I will graciously wait for your videos. They are worth the wait! Thanks for sharing all you do.

  7. Three words, three times:

    You are awesome.

    Love your stuff.

    You’re an inspiration.

    I’ve been popping into your blog and your videos for several months now. Loved your free-spirited creativity from the start. Not that I’m any sort of an expert or judge (after all, we all journal because we love it, not because we’re seeking approval from others), but it seems as though your more recent pages are even MORE awesome than they were when I began peeking over your shoulder in your videos.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Aaron. You rock!

    — Connie

    • Hi! I watch my videos after I’ve posted them, and occasionally rewatch videos and i agree that my style has come a long way! I’m glad I’ve shared this journey with everyone so everyone can see that we all have to start somewhere! -Aaron

  8. Dear Aaron, hi!

    I’ve been watching your videos the last months and I love your art journal pages! I can’t just pick one favorite page from your journal book, I love your freedom page, the colours are gorgeous, I love your butterfly page (I would have pick that butterfly too!), I also love your chunky pages and the abstract one! The page you’ve made with pan pastels that started as sunset, kind of reminded me of wave foam at the seashore….! But then again it might be just my imagination and the fact that I’m from a country surrounded by sea!
    What I would like to see more from you….well, maybe the use of pan pastels…I haven’t ever used them and it would be nice to get a tutorial from you!

    Greetings from Greece!

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