3 comments on “Art Journal Page-Freedom + BONUS ICAD

  1. Hi, love your videos. I love in Henderson, NV and I have a question. How do you keep INCA golds from drying out? I bought quite a few and they all dried out and cracked. What can I do? is it because it is so hot here? Thanks so much

    • Hi! It’s probably the temperature, yeah. I live in NW Las Vegas amd havent had any issues. I keep them in a dark, cool place and all has been well. Try putting either Saran Wrap or Press N Seal over the jar before you put the lid on. That should help retain the moisture. -Aaron

  2. Love this Aaron. It would make a fabulous cover for your Art Journal. I have to thank you for walking with me. Confused? I live in Australia, at 5.45 Am, 4 Mornings per week I walk for an hour on the treadmill, since watching your videos whilst walking, that hour goes so quickly. I love watching you create. Love keeping fit at the same time too.

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