Who the heck am I?

Hi, I’m Aaron!  I started my craft life as a small child when I lived with my grandmother.  We did things like homemade trivets, Christmas ornaments, and plastic needlepoint.

As I got older, I started getting into scrapbooking, with my wife, of course.  After a few years, I got a little bored with scrapbooking and decided to start branching out.  I found Comfortable Shoes Studio, Jennibellie, and Dyan Reavely on Youtube and was hooked on art journaling.  You can do whatever you want in an art journal!

I started Imperfect Impulses to give information to people trying to start art journaling, to people whom may not know where to start or may want to save some money while doing journaling.

I love getting messy and having paint under my nails.  I get so much pleasure out of

Follow my blog, subscribe to my YouTube channel, Follow me on Pinterest, and you’ll never want for ideas again!

Have any questions about art journaling, scrapbooking, or what my favorite Lady GaGa song is?

E-Mail me at imperfectimpulses@gmail.com!


45 comments on “Who the heck am I?

    • I’ll try to get some more pages done soon! I have an (unfinished) art journal flip on youtube! Just go to Youtube and search for Imperfect Impulses or check out the links on my blog! I love finding other men doing art journaling, too! It makes me feel like I’m not alone! ha!

    • Hi Aaron, I came upon your you tube channel when learning about art journaling. Your ideas are SO TERRIFIC!!! Don’t you dare give up doing this for us! You make it look easy and fun. Don’t compare yourself to the “greats” ( as you say)- because YOU are one of them! Thanks for making my art journal experience and journey more interesting and down to earth. Best wishes! From a new fan 🙂

      • Ohhhh! That means so much to me, Suzy! It’s comments like this one that give me the strength to keep on truckin’! Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me! – Aaron

  1. I have no idea how I found you…but I am about as un-artistic as a bag of sewer rats…and yet..i love watching you do what you do. I started mixed media journaling about 6 months ago, thus I ran “into” you. I use what ever I have on hand, which isn’t much..but i feel so redeemed and whole as I paint and create….i will follow you….i love your “tude and talent”.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! You know, art is what you make it. Quite literally, in fact. What some people call art, I don’t. What I call art, some people don’t. That’s the beauty of it. It’s very personal and all about what you make it. Just realize that every artist has off days and has stuff they don’t like. You can ALWAYS cover stuff up with gesso! I’m glad to have a new friend!


  2. I have just started art journaling…LOVE IT and especially LOVE your videos, blog, etc…You have given me the courage to let go and just do it! I even made my husband a little mixed media gift for his birthday today 🙂 using some techniques I learned from YOU…Thank you thank you. I grew up in a crafty painting family, yet never tried “art” for myself. I wish I had started younger, but, 53 ain’t too old to learn, lol! I can hardly wait to see what you dream up next. Again, thank you for helping me discover “imperfect impulses” in myself. Happy journaling!

  3. Hey Aaron! I’m stuck on an art journal page and I would love your help! I have the background done but I don’t know what the message should be or what to collage on it. It has watered down red and purple Anita’s all purpose acrylic craft paint sprayed all over it. Then I sprayed water through a hexagon stencil and picked up some of the acrylic. I stamped on wavy lines in a blackish-gray chalk ink and put dots on it with matte mod podge, which left clear bubbles that look very cool! I know your going back to school and you will probably be busy, but it would really be jazztastic if you could help!! 🙂

  4. Hi, Laney! One of the things I have struggled with in my personal art journals has been “the message”. Not every page has to have a message or affirmative message. Your art journal is all about you. It sounds like you’ve got a background going. Look at the page, what does it say to you? Some of my backgrounds don’t say anything to me and I leave them in my journal by themselves without anything else on top. Some pages are just me playing without ever “finishing” them. There’s no shame in that. You are still making art and learning how to use your supplies together. That’s what it’s all about. If you want to email me a picture of your journal (no pressure, just if you want to), feel free to do so. -Aaron

  5. Just found you on YouTube today and what a refreshing change of pace. Love you attitude and you casual take on art journaling. Will follow you to see where you go!!

  6. I have just LOVE your video’s….I have just discovered art journaling and I love the spin you put on things. Thank you!!!!

  7. Hi Aaron, l am one of your Australian imps here in LV for a few days. Halloween in Freemnot street was so greatly didn’t even miss not seeing the parade. What a fabulous city you live in. KEep up the great info, love the laid back approach. Happy studying….

  8. Aaron,

    I have been watching you since the beginning of your journaling adventure and enjoy your work.

    I do have a few questions, I know that the journal you used today, was some sort of magazine that you had be holding onto so you could create a journal with it.

    I watched your video and wanted to know, in more detail, exactly how you prepped the journal since it had glossy pages. I know you used gesso but, is there anything else that you did to make your pages sturdy?

    I know you are busy with school but, if you get a chance, could you lead me to a video and answer my questions. I would very much appreciate your answers.



  9. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration, wit and interesting pages/cards/stuff. I’ve really enjoyed trolling through your site today and I’ve learned a lot. I’ll be a frequent visitor. 🙂 (PS- hope your school/family/weight struggles are doing well!)

  10. Hey Aaron!

    So I’m ready to invest in a die cutter so I can make stencils and I know you’ve mentioned you use one a few times in your vids. So I’m wondering what you like and dislike, or is there”the best” one out there? There’s more than I realized. I wouldlike it to print and use the files on my computer and svg files (although I have no clue what they are lol, but I have some!) So if you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them! 🙂

    Thx so much for taking the time to read this….hope school is still treating you fairly well.


    • I’m just adding on to this question … I just got a Silhouette Cameo (going to unload my Cricut soon), and a Big Shot. The Vagabond looks like a powered big shot, is it?

  11. Wow! I’ve spent the best part of this afternoon looking at your ABC journaling videos and love them … I especially like how you aren’t afraid to make mistakes, then make the best of them … I’m new to Art Journalling (only have about 10 pages under my belt), but I’m scouring YouTube and the like to see what others do/have done. I also love the sense of humor you interject with your videos, makes me feel like I’m sitting in the room with you while you explain everything. I’m through “L”, and am definitely coming back later to see what else you have in store for me … Thank you for your entertaining videos and how-to tips! You’re Incredibly Impressive!

  12. Love watching you create & seeing you make decisions then change your mind. I like how you stamp with the silicone pot holder, very cool. I find my pages (I’m only my 8th) don’t always have clear messages but they have meaning to me & I try to make them all about layers. My inspiration comes from all sorts of places. The one I’m working on at present came to me after a chat with a pregnant colleague. I live in North Lincolnshire, UK & started art journalling because in winter months I fail to be very creative.

  13. Hi Aaron, I have just come across your youtube videos and have watched your J page, I Am new to the art of art journaling and have been watching a lot of various artists on youtube, I found your page inspiring and informative. You stated in this video that at times you thought about giving up with regards to posting your work online I for one hope you do not, just because someone else says something negative thats their problem, if you stop then how are newbies like me going to be inspired, how are we going to see and learn all the different techniques available. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to watching more of you videos in the future.

  14. i watch alot of youtube and came across your videos which I would watch and totally became hooked on what your doing . I also like Tim Holtz and Dyan and the others too many to name ,love the tips and tricks you have shown and will be trying them as I have the stuff to do them with , too hot to go shopping today anyway . So thanks for making my artsy world a whole lot bigger and greater also I subscribed to your YT channel . Keep doing and have a great day! dodieodie97@gmail.com

  15. I live here in Las Vegas too, and I’m fairly new to art journals and mixed media. I found you through France Papillon’s 100 days challenge, and I am so glad I did. Your art is amazing, and I’ve already learned a great deal. Your story about the bird is hilarious; I needed a laugh out loud, and you delivered. I’m looking forward to more of your art and definitely plan to go back into your old posts when I get a chance.

    • Hi, Sharon! I’m so glad you’ve found me! We live in the same city and have the same passion for art! How cool is the internet?! Thank you so much for commenting! It means the world to me! -Aaron

  16. Hey there. I found you through your Youtube channel. As I was reading up on your comment about the ABCs of Art Journaling I couldn’t believe that you were also a WordPress Blogger. WooHoo. I’m just starting my art journaling journey myself. Thank you so much for this ABCs series. I had no idea where to start, and now I have some guidance.

    • Hi!!! The best place to start is at the beginning (a very good place to start (sorry…lapsed into a Sound of Music song in my head)). Do what you want! It’s your art journal. Use what you have and just MAKE stuff! Thank you so much for taking the time to drop me a line. It really encourages me to keep me going! -Aaron

      • Hahahahaha, Sound of Music. I used to do musical theatre, so no worries there.
        Yea, I’m trying not to spend too much money on products, especially since I live in Brazil and they’re so expensive here. I’ll try and use what I have, like you said, and MAKE stuff.

  17. Hey Aaron! First, I just love your art! You are an inspiration and just watching your videos has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and go a little crazy (sometimes). I just watched your “Just Do It” video and wanted to know….am I the only one who saw a dog (boxer or pit bull maybe) in the feather stencil stamp on the far right hand side of the right page? Check it out and let me know. Keep doing what you’re doing and then some!

  18. watched your dreamer of time just want to know what silver paint did you use for the stars and where could i get it thanks love your work lyn

  19. Hi Aaron! I just found you on YouTube! I needed inspiration…and you certainly supplied that!!! I love your work, and they way you don’t have to be perfect!!! You’ve given me some oomph to create!!! Thanks!!!

  20. Hi there dahhhhhhhhling! Can you please tell me where will I find the products names/colours, etc that you used for the “prompt page”…ART? XOX

  21. Hi there…just found you last week….great blog… its helped me take a big leap in my own Art Journaling… love the imperfection thing. Are you still blogging…no new stuff since February.

  22. hello, my name is tahmul juneja i came here following you through dailymotion… god damn i love your work and writing to give you my feedback ….
    good work aronnnn keep it up!!!!

  23. The first thing in my journal is a quote from you, but I don’t know your last name, so it just says Aaron! 🙂

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