8 comments on “Art Journal Page-The Possible

  1. Love this page and love your style. You do an awesome job explaining your process and I always appreciate it when an artist takes the time to share their art and why/how they create. Keep on keepin’ on and may the force be with you.

  2. This is such an awesome page. I wasn’t sure what a shaker card/page was and now I know! The colors are great and it is so nicely finished with details. You rock!

  3. So beautiful page!!! I love every single detail on it! I haven’t seen a shaker art journal page before and I was really curious about the result…well it’s gorgeous! It could be used as a journal cover too! Thank you for sharing your art with us, it is absolutely inspiring!

  4. Begin lecture…
    Hey, dude, use the right tool. A standard xacto is for paper and thin stuff. Says the company. It’s dangerous to snap a blade. I know I had them ping off into the room several times — once I picked it up off the floor with my foot. Ouch. You need more control and a better blade for anything heavy or layers. A good hardware store box knife (non-snap-off blades) or utility knife. Amazon has this one: Stanley 10-099 6-Inch Classic 99 Retractable Utility Knife. So, safer but also better and faster cutting. I use mine to cut matt board even.
    End lecture.

    Love the whole idea of this cover. Very unique. I haven’t made a shaker card in years. Glitter was just o.k. But those beads are so cool.

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